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Sun 23 Feb 2020
St Margaret's Colts U9s
Whitstable Town Football Club
Whitstable Town U9s v St Margaret's Colts

Whitstable Town U9s v St Margaret's Colts

Christopher Garrett25 Feb 2020 - 20:10
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Another blustery day...

It's nine thirty five, we are sat in a muddy car park in St Margaret's. As the howling gusts send the driving rain onto the windscreen, the brooding darkening skies keep us from opening the door and in a moment of quiet contemplation, the swirling storm carries on the wind big questions for the management team.
Will the game be played?
Will we have enough players, with four already confirmed as absent?
Will the pitch resemble a scene from the Somme?
And will Louis's dad be able to get his Audi into the carpark in one piece?

Within the next ten minutes we had the answers, as slowly but surely our numbers assemble to form the required 7. The rain ceased and the wind calmed. The pitch whilst heavy was thankfully on a slope with good drainage. And finally Andy manoevoured his motor into the pot holed parking spot.

The game was afoot!

This St Margaret's team were a newly promoted team and all credit to them and their manager they were a good bunch who enjoyed knocking the ball around and produced some great football at times.

Our 7 lined up with Louis in nets, Max and Max at the back, Kasper centre mid, Alfie left, Finlay right and Harry as striker.

The boys got off to a flyer, winning tackles across the park and doing their best to play a nice passing game. Alfie was at his creative best slotting some lovely through balls to teammates. Harry opened the scoring with a strike into the bottom left corner. Finlay and Kasper were battling well in midfield and the away fans saw another solid half from our defence 'Maxis'. Louis when called upon made some cracking saves and kept a first half clean sheet. The second goal was one for the scrapbook, the ball was half cleared and from outside the box Finlay took it on the volley and lashed it home for his first of the season and certainly a contender for the goal of the season, take a bow son.

We mixed thing up position wise in the second half, Fin went in nets, Alfie and Harry defence, Kasper stayed centre, Max B left and Max P right, with Louis up front. Both Max's put in a great shift and Max B's tenacity and crosses led to more chances and, a second for Harry. Another lovely move nearly led to a Max P goal, but it went narrowly wide. A great throw from Kasper was controlled by Louis who turned smartly and slotted home for another. Alfie then swapped with Louis and went up front. The lad certainly can finish, and slotted home a ten minute hat trick. Kasper completed the scoring with a goal from inside his half that bounced over the unlucky keeper, you can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket.

Between our strikes it should be noted that St Margaret's never gave up, scoring three great goals themselves.

We headed home with weather beaten but smiling faces, and cars caked in mud.

Well played all.

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Sun 23 Feb 2020


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